The Great Festivity of the Nomads

The fantastic trip gives you the opportunity to enjoy the classic event famed as the “Nomad Olympics” and takes you to behind the cultural background of ancient traditions inherited from generations to generations for centuries along…

• Travel destinations: Ulaanbaatar – Khustai National Park – Kharakhorum – Local Naadam Festival Days – Orkhon valley – Tuvkhun temple – Tsenkher hot spring – Ugii lake – Gurvanbulag community – Khognokhaan mountain – Ulaanbaatar

• Activities: Naadam festival, horse riding, trekking, meet nomad people and cultural visits

• Duration: 11nights / 12days

• Covering distance: 1150kms

• Season: July

largest-horse-race-TourMongolia07 Jul Day 1 Travel to Khuu Doloon Khudag and Khustai National Park

Jul Day 1 Travel to Khuu Doloon Khudag and Khustai National Park

We will pick you up from your hotel and travel to Khuu Doloon Khudag which will take 35kms to the west of Ulaanbaatar city. There we will see hundreds of gers/yurt/ of nomads who gathered in this area from all parts of the country as far as from 50kms to 1000kms in order to attend Naadam Festival’s horse racing with their agile racing horses. We will visit the fast horse trainers and see their unique tradition and nomad heritage to train the specific racing horses for the big races. In the afternoon we will travel to Khustai National Park which will take 70kms to reach. The whole Khustai National Park has an area of 50,620ha reserve protects wild Mongolian horses famed as Takhi or a Przewalski’s Horse. We will venture the park to see the wild horses. We will be staying overnight in ger camp. LD

08 Jul Day 2 Travel to Kharakhorum
In the morning we will Travel to Kharakhorum which will take 270kms to reach the destination. First we will visit Erdene Zuu monastery which is the largest and first Mongolian Buddhist temple complex built on the ruins of Kharakhorum city. Then we will visit a brand new local museum which has a wide variety of antique findings related to ancient city of Kharakhorum ranging from coins to stone inscriptions. After visiting the museum we will visit a local cooperative felt workshop and witness how they make the felt products in a cool way. We will be staying overnight in a tourist camp camp. BLD

Wrestling-TourMongolia09-10 Jul Day 3-4 Naadam Festival Days
The Naadam Festival, celebrated each summer, originated many centuries ago as a test of courage, strength, daring, horsemanship and marksmanship. All skills were necessary for a nomadic man and a warrior to show their martial skills. Three manly sports of Mongols: wrestling, horse racing and archery competitions complete it as the core programs of the Naadam Festival. Local Naadam festival starts officially by the governor of the local area and will continue according to the scheduled plan of the event. For these days you will enjoy and experience the local Naadam Festival and its joyful atmosphere of celebration with nomads. Today you will have a special dinner of “Khorkhog” a truly Mongolian barbeque grilled with hot stones. You will be staying overnights in ger camp. BLD





IMG_399411  Jul Day 5 Travel to Orkhon Valley and making a “Ger”
Today we will travel to Orkhon valley which will take 120kms. It is known as the cradle of Mongolian civilization as many of Mongolia’s ancient monuments lie within its borders. Enjoy a calm trekking to deer stone for 7-8kms. In the afternoon you will enjoy activities for dismantling and erecting a traditional Mongolian ger/Yurt/. You can learn how to put a ger and at the same time find out the deep meanings of every positions of the furniture inside the ger and symbols and customs related to “Mongolian Ger” in nomadic culture. . You will be staying overnights in ger camp. BLD

12 Jul Day 6 Travel to Tuvkhun temple
We will travel to Tuvkhun temple which will take 50kms. Tuvkhun temple situated in the high mountain marking the northern side of the Orkhon valley. We will visit the site where Mongolian first religious leader Saint Zanabazar founded in 1653 and lived, worked and meditated for over 30 years. Several pilgrimage sites have built around the temple including the hermit’s caves. Inside the cave you can witness the boot imprint of Saint Zanabazar. In the afternoon you will travel for 70kms about two hours to Tsenkher hot spring. You will be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

13 Jul Day 7 Tsenkher hot spring
Today you will hike around the Tsenkher hot spring sightseeing the local landscape. With water issuing at a scalding of +86.5 degree Celsius with the stench of hydrogen sulphide, the hot spring is very popular in the area. Surrounding area is the grassland while some part beside the hills is bit forested. Relax in a hot spring bath chatting about casual topics. You will be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

14 Jul Day 8 Travel to Ugii lake Ugii lake-Tour Mongolia
Today we will be travelling to Ugii Lake which will take 150kms. The fresh water lake which surfaces area of 25sq.kms is abundant with water birds and with variety of fish. Walk along the lake shore to view the local bird species and enjoy hearing ambient sounds of a calm waving lake moved by a soft wind mixed up with the singing of birds. You will be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

15 Jul Day 9 Travel to nomad community
Today we will travel to Gurvanbulag community which will take 60kms. Here you can actually live as nomad and observe the local nomadic lifestyle doing wide variety of activities. The hostess of the family will show and teach you how to produce tasty and nutritious dairy products including “aaruul” dried curds, “byaslag” Mongolian cheese. You can talk with nomad people and get more familiar with their nature loved unique lifestyle. You will be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD



16 Jul Day 10 Experiencing horse based culture
Today you will watch how Mongolian skillful cowboys catch horses by “uurga” – traditional wooden lasso. You will also learn and witness the milking the mares and you may participate by holding the foals next to their mothers and churning the airag or a fermented mare’s milk. You would see blending process of Mongolian traditional vodka called “Shimiin arkhi” or a moonshine. No doubt, you’ll be offered to try the vodka, but please don’t overdo it. Of course horse riding is available to trek around the area. In the evening you will be involved in the preparation of dinner and enjoy learning how to make a Mongolian dish. You will be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

17 Jul Day 11 Move to Khognokhaan & Camel riding
Today we will travel to Khognokhaan Natural Reserve which will take 70kms. The area is protected since 1997 which covers 46900ha of beautiful granite mountain of Paleozoic age. There’s lot of snakes camouflaged themselves to hunt. So it’s best to be vigilant during the hike. It’s optional to visit Erdenekhamba a local Buddhist temple and an old ruin of Uvgun Monastery. Enjoy camel riding trek along small sand dunes for two hours. You will be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

18 Jul Day 12 Travel back to Ulaanbaatar

Today we will travel back for to Ulaanbaatar which will take 280kms. We will escort you to your hotel. Thus ends the trip. BL



Date of departure 2018 (ex in Ulaanbaatar):

GF01 07 Jul


Included: All activities described in the itinerary, ger camp stay (11 nights) in the countryside, English speaking guide service, entrance fee to Protected Area, all transfers by bus/minibus in the city and by 4WD Russian minivan in the countryside. Meals of breakfast, lunch /picnic during the trek/ and dinner as mentioned per day.


Excluded: International transportation to and from Mongolia, hotel stay in Ulaanbaatar, travel insurance, mineral (bottled) water and alcoholic drinks, tips and gratuities, laundry and items of a personal nature.



  • We are happy to arrange your hotel and transfers in Ulaanbaatar, private car transportation to our destinations at discounted rate.
  • International and domestic flight and train tickets would be arranged due to the client requests and wishes with our pleasures.
  • City sightseeing tours are offered as optional.
  • Private departures are available on a request.

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